A Dark Plain [Demo]

Here it is! The first in a new set of demos, updated to reflect our current sound. There are more on the way, so check back again tomorrow.

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Middle Meyer

This is step 2 in a continued effort to differentiate myself from the other Eric A Meyer. Last week I took on Suzanne as a new middle name. This week I get Meyer out of the way, by flipping middle name with last initial.

Eric M Suzanne or simply Eric Suzanne

As part of the transition, I’m moving this website URL to ericsuzanne.com. Old links pointing to andmeyer.com should continue to work for the time being.

Step 3 is to publish more work under my new name. There is no step 4.

Goodbye, Abram

In 2005, my brother got me hooked on CSS (the language of web design) by showing me Eric A Meyer’s css-edge experiments. I bought Eric’s book on ebay, had a good laugh at our identical names, and started building websites. Now the confusion between us has gotten out of hand (despite his patience and good humor).

He was here first, and has a solid hold on the name. It’s past time for me to make a change. As a first step, let me introduce my new middle name:

Eric Suzanne Meyer. [see update]

Suzanne is the middle name I would have had at birth under different genital circumstances, passed down in variations from my mother (Brenda Sue), grandmother (Marian Susanna), great-great-grandmother (Susanna Brendle), the co-protagonist of my novel, and some software I named after her.


2013 was nuts.

I presented (for the first time) at conferences on both art & technology, thanks to invitations from the Media Archelology Lab, The Brakhage Center, and SassConf. I re-wrote Susy from the ground up, with help & inspiration from people like Tsachi Schlidor, Aaron Gray, Scott Kellum, and Sam Richards. I met and had the opportunity to work with some of my internet heros, like Jina Bolton & Rachel Nabors. I co-founded (with Aaron) a Sass Meetup in Denver, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the great response and new friends. SpringGun Press picked up one of my novels (which will be out by this time next year), and I’m talking with a publisher about the future of Into The Green Green Mud.

2014 looks like more of the same. Bring it on.

Poetry Readings are Terrible

Dear Poets,

If you are going to spend hours perfecting the placement of a comma and two line breaks, please put the same effort into your reading. You don’t publish without editing, why do you perform without rehearsing? The stage is a different medium. Have you considered working with a voice coach?

Words don’t speak for themselves: they require punctuation.

— Trying Not To Fall Asleep